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How I Made $10,000 Through Jackpot City Casino

By on January 11th, 2018

My new year did not start on a very good note. My financial condition was bad. My investments had failed (did you hear of the Bitcoin crash?) and I needed to make money.

Giving up on all things, including casinos, I decided to try my luck one more time and signed up with Jackpot City Casino.

Before 2nd of January, like everyone else, I also believed that earning money from a casino is a fallacy because I had been losing a lot of money in casinos and was at the verge of turning away from online casinos forever.

You must be thinking what changed my mind? Did I discover a trick or a loophole in a certain casino game? Not really. Here’s what changed my mind and got me to win $10,000.

What Led Me To Jackpot City Casino?

To be honest, 2017 was the worst year of my life. I lost a great amount of money in online casinos.

I had tried different casinos, including some great ones, but my luck just never supported me. I spoke to a friend who suggested I should try a different casino and I started to look online and came across Jackpot City Casino.

This wasn’t the first time I’d heart of this casino. It is a famous online casino, but I had never tried it for one reason or the other. I wasn’t even sure this time either, but only on my friend’s insistence I decided to give it a try, but not before going through all the details.

I read about all the free offer this casino had to offer. I must admit, I was surprised, but what surprised me more was the big bonus on the NYE.

My friend told me to waste no time and to avail this opportunity as I could double my first deposit, so I went ahead and signed up.

Win Jackpot City Casino: Free Spins That Sent My World Spinning

The next day when I woke up, I saw a pop up flashing on my phone that stated “you’ve been awarded with free spins”. I clicked on it and it led me to Jackpot City Casino’s homepage.

As I ran my eyes at the bottom, I could see many names of the players who had won huge money from this casino. Plus, the headline said, win $1600 for fee. I thought, why not give it a try, the last try to be precise.

What worse could happen? I had nothing to bet upon. I had free spins to use and at the back of my mind, I knew what the outcome would be. I clicked on the slots and it led me to a plethora of online slot games.

To be honest, that actually amazed me because I hadn’t seen that much of slot variety on an online casino. However, I just wanted to get over with it so I randomly selected a slot game and the reel began to spin.

When the reel finally stopped, my heart changed its rhythm because I had actually won. I couldn’t believe it. Since, I was left with more spins, I tried all of them, keeping my fingers crossed. While I did not win from them all, but a few more.

Looking at my payroll, I had a wide smile on my face because that was free money. I won money without even using my own money. I knew I had hit the jackpot.

How I Won $10,000 Through Jackpot City Casino

After utilizing all my free spins that I had received, I decided to try my luck in Blackjack because I was well aware of the rules. Still, I was not very confident and had no hope to win. However, I decided to play with the deposit.

I bet on my first blackjack game and shook to the core for being dealt with two eights. Since I knew the rules clearly, I decided to split the hand so that I could use each card on a separate hand, and ask for 2 more cards while doubling my initial bet.

I’ve no idea what energy I was filled with at that time because the next hand dealt me with two hands again and I decided to split again.

Who would’ve thought I‘d be dealing with 4 eights in a row. That’s a rare thing to happen. Keeping my odds in mind, which were good, I decided to bet everything I had in my account. For me, this decision was like crossing the river with my hands full of money or getting drowned in the river with the money.

However, I had the feeling that things will go in my favor as I recalled my friend’s words which were: “This casino is a land of opportunity”. For me, it indeed was because I won the next hand too, and earned $10,000 in a single go.

Yes, it did happen. I could not believe my luck, that’s a big amount of money for one day.

I wondered if there were some hidden conditions here, but was quite relieved to know that the winning amount was mine.

What Did I Do Next?

I was at the seventh sky because I had never won anything so big in my life. The first thing I did was call my friend and tell him about what had just happened. He wasn’t surprised because he had been playing at the same casino for months and had been winning too.

I sent a withdrawal request to the casino and got my money within no time. the withdrawal procedure was smooth and there were no deductions or delays. 

I have been playing since then and have made a lot of money, but I am yet to hit another big jackpot.

Final Words

My relation with this casino still continues, and I have been doing well so far. Some say it is all luck, but for me it is the casino that offers a mix of great games.

I have played my luck at all the games here. I won some and I lost some, but I seem to be very happy with it. And the biggest news is that I won it all without hitting the Jackpot City casino bonus, which I am keeping my fingers crossed for. 

If you are looking at winning big, you should also give Jackpot City Casino a try.

P.S: The article was submitted by one of Best Casino Source’s regular readers and a Jackpot City player.


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