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How to Start Playing At Online Casinos

By on August 18th, 2017


The world of online casinos is growing day by day which may be confusing for the players who step in for the first time. Players who have no prior knowledge on casinos can find it daunting to choose one and may end up with a casino which aims to emptying pockets of the people who play at their casino instead of offering benefits.

While the games offered at various casinos can be different, it is the playing experience that counts and attracts people. The software used in the casino is also what sets its standard and gives a sense of security to all the players. While you can have a look at our Top 10 Casinos list, it is still important to be able to know how to pick one and how to get started.

This guide is based on three parts. The first one focuses on how to choose the right online casino. The right casino has a few qualities that you need to be aware of. These include reliability, big bonuses etc. We’ll be discussing these in detail later in the article.

The games available at a casino largely determine its popularity. Most people fear the rules and regulations regarding online casinos. On your part, you must also know which games to play.

There are many factors that determine the odds of winning when you choose a game. What’s more important is that you should know the rules and strategies to win games because luck isn’t the only factor that counts. We’d be focusing on choosing the best games, building strategies and other factors involved to win a casino game. You can also check our How to Beat Slot Machines post to know more about how luck isn’t the only factor to consider when playing at an online casino.

While we’d be clearing out your doubts about making an online casino account, we’d also be guiding you on how to retrieve the money you have won. In short, this guide will help you out in the following departments:

  1. Choosing an online casino.
  2. Making An Account.
  3. Choosing games with the best winning odds.
  4. Getting out the money that you’ve won.

Let’s start with our first guide that concentrates on picking out a casino that is legitimate and offers benefits that are benefitting for the players. Here’s what you need to know before choosing an online casino:


  • Choosing An Online Casino


Initially, you need to search for a casino. This doesn’t imply that you hit a Google search and find out which is the best online casino. You need to take care of the details because there are still a lot of casinos that hold a good rating, however, at the same time some are involved in scams, rigged games and not giving you what you’ve won.

Primarily, you need to weigh some of the important factors that are going to be discussed in this guide and opt for the casino which favors the points we will describe. So without further ado, here’s how you can choose an online casino that is safe, and provides maximum benefits:


  • Learn About Licensing And Regulation


Gambling in The United States is debatable. However, there are around 30 states that have shown green signal to online gambling. While there are some that don’t like to promote it, more and more states are now welcoming online gambling. You need to check the rules and regulations of playing at online casino in your state first and see if it’s legal before you begin.

In case all looks good, we’d welcome you to try Jackpot City Casino. This casino fits the bill and can help you win big.  

When you choose an online casino, it may be possible that the casino is either US based or located overseas. If it’s a website that is being operated out of the US jurisdiction then you need to read the licensing and regulation of the country and see if it’s legal. You can also see if it has US players or not. This will give you the surety that the online casino is legit as many US based players are signed up and playing.

There are many organizations like Remote Gambling Association and American Gambling Association that make up the regulation, terms and licensing of online casinos. When you choose an online casino, make sure they are registered with the gambling association so that you’ll know which casinos are safer to play and which are not.

When it comes to starting online casinos, it is easy to open one overseas and open the doors to US gamblers. This can be risky, however, while opening an online casino is easy overseas, gaining a license isn’t.

A licensed casino gives peace of mind and implies it is safe. When a casino is licensed, it means that there is a concerned body watching over it that all the casino activities are carried out fairly and justly. Casinos like Spin Palace and Ruby Fortune are licensed and hence safe to play at.

Therefore, ensure that you choose a casino that is licensed under a gambling commission body so that you’ll know there’s a third party watching over that casino and the casino is a legitimate one and safe to play with.


  • Compatibility


Thanks to the technology, we don’t have to physically visit a casino now. We can enjoy the experience on our devices. However, we need to make sure that the casino we choose is compatible with our device because some casinos are required to be downloaded rather than running on a browser. With devices like iPhones, Android phones, tablets and iPads, laptops and desktops, the experience is extremely joyful and almost all online casino sites are compatible with these devices. In case of Blackberry and Windows phones, you need to make extra sure that they run on the device before you sign up for a casino.


  • Software


The software that runs an online casino is of importance because it not only secures your personal details but also provides you with a good range of games. The software should be encrypted so that your personal details such as credit card number, pin number and other sensitive data is secured and doesn’t get leaked.

Some of the most famous software manufacturers of online casinos are PlayTech, Real-Time Gaming, MicroGaming etc. Make sure to only try games that come from such reliable names.


  • About Us Page


One of the most neglected things of an online casino is the About Us page. The About Us page of any website provides valuable information such as the location, postal code, address, manufacturer’s data etc.

Visiting the about us page of an online casino will help you locate the origins of the casino and you might even get an address. You can further investigate about a certain casino by gathering intel from the About Us page. For example, check out Gaming Club, you can find all about this casino on the site making it look reliable.


  • Forums/Reviews


There are many forums that discuss various online casinos of the entire world. You can join in the conversation with other members to know which casino is performing best in terms of everything. These forums allow you to ask questions and clear your doubts about any casino that you are willing to sign up for. You can also learn about the different types of games and their winning odds from these forums because many members tend to share their experiences about playing certain at online casinos.

Reviews are also handy and help you determine which casinos are legit and which are not. While some may be safe to play, the winning odds of certain casinos are always in the house’s favor. Therefore, you can learn a great deal from reading reviews online and figure out which casino is best for you.

  • Deposit Methods

No matter how legitimate an online casino may be, it may still be not suitable for you if it doesn’t accept the payment method that you are comfortable with. Usually when or after you register at a casino, you need to fund your account in order to play games. While there are many depositing methods available such as Skrill, Neteller and E Wallets etc., still there’s a possibility that your choice of depositing method might not be acceptable. So make sure you do a bit of research and inquire of the ways of depositing first before signing up for a casino.

Another factor to look out for is the time it takes to complete the process. You don’t want to wait for weeks every time you want to deposit or cash out the money you have won. Lucky Nugget can be a good choice in this regard. This casino has several deposit methods and you also get the amount quick.


  • Feedback Response


The feedback response time of an online casino is also crucial in determining the notoriety of the casino. An online casino with a quick response time implies that there’s an active team working and taking care of activities. You can start off by throwing questions regarding all the confusion you have and see how they responds to you. A professional online casino team will always address your query in a professional way and also provide you with solutions to the problems that you face.

A casino that offers live chat support, phone call support and email service 24/7 is the one you should go for. This is necessary because you never know when you might need assistance over something.

Good customer service increases the reputation of a casino and gives its players peace of mind and help them out if they get stuck over a problem.

Keeping a close eye on these factors will help you filter the best casino and you can have the best time of your life while gambling in an online casino.

2) Making An Account

The very first thing that comes to mind before opening an account for an online casino is its level of security. Reputable casinos are secured as they have 128 bit encryption system that ensures that the sensitive credit card data remains safe.

The signing up process is easy. You are required to fill a form that asks about your personal details, contact details and funding details. Casinos generally offer both the options, to download the software and play, or to run a browser based version. The good choice here is to download it, scan for viruses and begin because the graphics and options are much more advanced here when compared to a browser based casino version. However, some casinos like Cabaret Club Casino have incredible online browser based games.

After you’ve downloaded the app, run the setup to install it. Once you’re done with it, open the app and put in your username and password that you must have received via email after successfully signing up.


  • Sign Up Bonus


Now comes the important part. Many casinos lure players to sign up by offering signup bonuses. A lot of players are unaware of the fact that these bonuses usually come with strings attached. People often think that they’d be getting the specified amount of money as soon as they sign up which is not true. These casinos have a policy which refrains new players from withdrawing the bonus money unless they wager a certain amount of money.

Check out our guide on all you need to know about casino bonuses so that you are well aware of the tricks involved.

Some casinos ask the players to wager the same amount of money as the bonus is, while some have different requirements. So make sure you know that you won’t be getting the bonus money as soon as you become a latest player in a casino. The wise choice here is to read the terms and regulations first before signing up so that you’ll know how the casino bonuses work.

Most of the casinos offer a double treat when it comes to offering deposit bonuses. Meaning, if you are to deposit a $1000, you’d be receiving an additional $1000 as a bonus, however, terms and conditions may apply.

Another thing to note is the maximum amount of bonus you can get. Casinos have a fixed maximum amount of give when it comes to bonuses. In case you deposit your entire fortune as a deposit, you’d only be getting the maximum amount of bonus money set by the casino. So don’t go all in when depositing for the first time. You can try River Belle as it has a high match bonus of $800, and other great bonuses too.

So, do a little bit of research before signing up for a casino. Do the homework and figure out how much money you can deposit and what will yield you the maximum benefit. Go for casinos that offer a 100% bonus treat when you sign up, however, don’t forget to check out the maximum bonus amount of the casino you’ve chosen and deposit the money accordingly.


This commences our first guide which was focused on choosing a casino that is in your best interest and all the problems were discussed that a fresh player might face while signing up.

Check this space for our second guide, and in the meanwhile Giggle Bingo to start with a big signup bonus and free spins.

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