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Mystique Grove

  • 3.8 /5
  • 1 Reels
  • 5
  • 2 Pay lines
  • 20
  • 3 Progressive
  • No
  • 4 Maximum coins
  • 125
  • 5 Jackpot
  • 500,000
  • 6 Maximum jackpot in
  • 5000
  • 7 Multiplier
  • No
  • 8 Scatter symbol
  • No
  • 9 Free Spins
  • No
  • 10 Betting range
  • 0.01 - 1.00
  • 11 Coin Bet Range
  • 0.05
  • 12 Coins per line
  • 10
  • 13 Bonus Game
  • No
  • 14 Wild symbol
  • No

Slot Review


In an industry where there is no lack of mystique games, one wonders what Mystique Grove slot from Microgaming has to offer. But before you reach to a conclusion, let us tell you… this game indeed delivers.

This is many people’s favorite genre due to the creativity it offers to the designers, and the workers at Microgaming have given this one their best shot.


Mystique Grove slot is the game for those who want to go on the journey of their dreams. It is simply beautiful and promises you good fortune. With each spin, you will enter a magical realm offering splendid chances to win. You can create your own secret garden where beautiful flowers grow. You can even create a bouquet to have a look at your winning blossoms. With five reels, this slot machine is definitely big fun with some mind-blowing features for full dose excitement. This slot video game also offers you a bonus allowing you to take home even bigger winning amounts.

Most of you would find it quite appealing when you get to know that there are more than one thousand ways of winning this game. This figure bulges up with due to its pay lines, wild symbols, bonus games and scatters.

Mystique Grove Gameplay

The ultimate goal of the game is to match up icons to form winning patterns by spinning the game reels. Once the player spins a winning pattern, he/she will be awarded payouts. All pay ways are constantly active in the game; therefore, you don’t need to look for a “select line feature”. Besides the standard poker symbols that are there in every single video slot, there are different owls, faeries and other natural items that gives you winning opportunities.

The game has 243 ways to win, which means you will have many reasons to feel happy once you start playing this game. The game does not let players choose paylines, but they can win even if they get combinations that are not on the standard payline.

The betting procedure is quite simple as players place their bets by fixing the coin size first. To do that, players use the plus and minus symbols to raise and lower the coin size accordingly. Then adjust the total number of coins by clicking the designated coins “+” or coins “-“. Players can simply also bet more. You also start the game by pressing this button. The jackpot can exceed to a winning bounty of 10,000 and it is a non-progressive one.

Mystique Grove Theme, Sound and Graphics

The graphics of online Mystique Grove game are enough to excite players. It enhances the gameplay, making it quite smooth and the graphics move too smoothly over the invisible reels. The game is clean and quite soothing to eyes. The theme has been designed with the fairy touch in mind. It’s a combination of refreshing colors offering a great user-experience. To make this game even more exciting, interesting sound effects have been added which makes it one of the most overall enjoyable online casino games on the Web. The overall sound effects of the game are quite calming and the volume of the background music and the sound effects can be controlled according to your preferred levels.

The whole combination of smooth graphics, sweet sound effects and a wonderful theme, bundles a great experience and indulges you into the fantasy world of Mystique Grove.


If you wish to play a fine quality, online casino game then Mystique Grove could be a good choice for you. It offers everything from a satisfying user-experience to impressive payouts. However, one wishes this game was available on mobile devices as well.


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