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  • 3 /5
  • 1 Reels
  • 4
  • 2 Pay lines
  • 10
  • 3 Progressive
  • No
  • 4 Maximum coins
  • 15
  • 5 Jackpot
  • 50,000
  • 6 Maximum jackpot in
  • 10000
  • 7 Multiplier
  • No
  • 8 Scatter symbol
  • No
  • 9 Free Spins
  • No
  • 10 Betting range
  • 11 Coin Bet Range
  • 0.25
  • 12 Coins per line
  • 10
  • 13 Bonus Game
  • No
  • 14 Wild symbol
  • No

Slot Review


Introduction to Bubble Bonanza

If you are tired of playing conventional slots, Bubble Bonanza slot offers you a much needed break from the ordinary. A fresh release from Microgaming, a company that is renowned to produce some high quality and unique slot games for casinos, the 3D slot features cutting edge technology and offers huge jackpots which guarantee that you will not stop playing any time soon. If you are new to video slots and still do not how to strategize to win their prizes, this game is for you. In fact, it is recommended as a beginner’s game by slot game experts.


Theme, Graphics and Sound of Bubble Bonanza

Featuring a summer theme, the Bubble Bonanza online game will warm your heart with its colorful interface and pleasant choice of colors. Though there are not many characters in this video slot, the green frog sharing the screen with the board will soon become your friend as it sits directly beneath a sign detailing the pays per winning symbol.

Now the graphics may seem simpler than those which Microgaming has been using for most of its video slots. However, this is a welcome change as the cartoonish graphics put players at ease, especially novice ones who may be worried about losing their money so quickly. Further complementing the theme and graphics are the sounds you hear throughout the gameplay. These will calm you down and remind you of warmer days.

Gameplay of Bubble Bonanza

Bubble Bonanza slot takes place on a 6×6 grid on a virtual pond.  According to the signboard behind the frog, the symbols trapped in the bubbles have payouts associated with them, and these are:

  • 04 for orange polyhedron
  • 10 for blue star
  • 10 for purple crescent
  • 20 for green triangle
  • 30 for gold ring
  • 50 for red square

Your goal is to match a minimum of three symbols either horizontally or vertically. As soon the symbols are matched, they disappear and a new row appears. This game is quite short since you will get the first four rows after pressing ‘Play’; the game will come to an end once one of the symbols reaches the edge, which is just two rows away.

You can easily maximize your payouts by increasing your stakes. However, do not venture into this territory unless you have experience and can bear possible losses. After all, you may end up with no wins because none of the symbols matched.

Since this is not your regular slots game, there are no Wild or Scatter symbols. However, you do get to enjoy a bonus round called ‘Cannon Bonus’. During this round, you will get to shoot eight bubbles in any possible direction to match three symbols and increase your payouts. You will love the fact that you can get a 10x multiplier for all payouts. If a symbol falls on a row below, the bonus round will come to an end.


Bubble Bonanza slot online is truly a unique 3d video slot that will captivate you for hours. In addition to flaunting a fun theme, it offers big wins for players, especially those lucky enough to trigger the bonus round. So, look for this innovative, summer-themed slot game at some of Microgaming’s top online casinos.







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