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A favorite of ours here at Best Casino Source, online slot machines provide endless entertainment. We’ve compiled a list of the best websites, so you don’t have to trawl through cyberspace in search of trustworthy, legitimate online casinos; we pride ourselves on providing a responsible gaming service. Our list is expansive, so you’ll never get stuck for new games to play – sign up and get started today!
Of course, before you spin the reel it’s a good idea to gain an understanding of online slots; what they actually are, how you play them and what sort of options are available.

What exactly are online slots?

A modern version of the old ‘one arm bandits’ from a bygone era, web-based slot machines are a new twist on an old favorite.
Slot machines have evolved over the years. What once began as an actual machine with a lever on the side to spin the reels, eventually advanced to became video slots – where the machine still existed, yet the physical reels were replaced by computer-generated images. This of course meant the game essentially changed; while the old manual machines could only have a limited number of symbols on each reel, the computerized versions could theoretically hold an infinite number.
Today, players have the option of not only video slots (also referred to as poker machines or ‘the pokies’), but also online slots. The online version is played – as you might have guess – over the internet. There are many websites out there that offer this gaming option, however some are much better than others – and some are far more trustworthy than others as well.
For those who love the thrill of gaming and are looking for legitimate websites that offer online slot machines, Best Casino Source has you covered. Our list of gaming websites really is second to none in terms of variety and security – why would you search anywhere else?

How to play slot machines

To begin playing online slots, you generally only need to create an account with the website before you can get started. Some don’t even require that; they are simply ‘click and play’.
While playing slot games isn’t exactly complicated, it pays to have a general understanding of how to play slot machines – and how they actually work – if you’re planning to play regularly. Some games do give you a better chance of winning, while others offer larger prizes; it all depends on what sort of game appeals to you.

Understanding game variance

Slot games vary in many different ways, but the main feature you need to understand is the game’s variance.
When it comes to online slots, there are three different categories of variance:

High variance

Medium variance

Low variance

High variance games

Generally speaking, high variance slots have the big jackpots. With high payouts, high paying free spins and lucrative bonuses, these games offer players the chance to win big – something not always associated with this form of gambling.
However, there is of course a downside to high variance games. Firstly you often need to outlay more money to begin with, and secondly there are far fewer low to medium payouts. In other words, there’s the possibility you’ll win big but the actual chance of winning anything at all is much smaller.
These games are for those who enjoy the thrill of high stakes!

Medium variance games

Considered somewhat of a middle ground, medium variance slot games are ideal for those who want a little more excitement – yet are not prepared to deal with the high risks associated with high variance games.
They provide a range of both smaller and larger payouts; however there are fewer low level payouts compared to low variance versions, and the large payouts are not as lucrative as you’d expect to see playing a high variance game.

Low variance games

Low variance games are a great option for those who love the thrill and entertainment factor associated with online gaming, but aren’t prepared to risk too much.
When you play these types of slots you’ll find that while the jackpots are relatively modest, you’ll also see many low valued winning combinations forming on your activated pay lines. What does this mean? It basically means that your money will go further and your session will last longer; more small winnings will continuously top up your credit, allowing you to get more out of your gaming session.
With a bit of luck, it’s possible to increase your credit enough (particularly if you hit the jackpot) to cash in your winnings!

Game types

It’s also important to note that there are different types of slot games. The simplest form of the game, classic slots tend to have three reels and only one pay line; they’re perfect for those who want an easy-to-understand game. These sorts of games vary greatly in comparison to some of the five reel games, where there is an endless array of pay lines that can be put into play. The more complicated versions are those that tend to have bonus rounds, free spins and pick-to-win options.

Free slot casino games

The most popular versions of online slots are those that are free to play. Here at Best Casino Source, we’re the experts when it comes to free slot casino games; we’ve created a definitive list of the best sites.
Many of the free games provide you with a certain number of spins before a deposit is required, while others remain free for the duration of your playing time. The ones that remain free don’t generally pay out money – they reward you with credits, which can then be used to enter sweepstakes. While free slots are great fun to play, there are limited opportunities to actually win a lot of cash – and when there is, it’s usually nothing too extravagant!
Perhaps the best thing about free games is that you get to experience different types of slots and find out what you like before you spend any of your hard earned cash.

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Whether you’re wondering how to play slot machines or are looking for the best free games, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here at Best Casino Source. We list a wide range of providers right here on our website; the best bonuses and biggest jackpots, offered by reputable, licensed websites.
If you’re searching for a responsible gaming service that can enhance your online gambling experience, join us today!

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