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Slot Bonuses

Slot Machine Bonuses

If you’re looking to play slot machines with slot machine bonuses in Australia  – or anywhere else in the world for that matter – then you’ve found the right website!

Best Casino Source is your leading provider of online casino recommendations, and our service extends to online slot machines. As an expert source, you’ll be able to find all the best online gaming companies via our site; we compile lists so that you can quickly and easily find a game that suits your requirements. There’s no longer any need to spend hours trawling the internet.

When it comes to online slots, there are endless sites and games to choose between – from a players’ perspective, it can certainly be daunting. There are many things to consider, such as website legitimacy, the types of games provided – and of course the slot machine bonuses that are on offer!

We are the number one source when it comes to slot machine bonuses– so you can rest assured you’re getting the best deals cyberspace has to offer!

What exactly are online slot machines?

Before we delve in discussing the types of slot machine bonuses slots that can be found online, we’ll give you a little background information about online slots in general. We understand that some of you are probably new to the exciting world of online gambling, or perhaps are new to the concept of poker machines in general!

Slot machines – which for our Australian players are commonly referred as ‘poker machines’ or ‘the pokies’ – are gaming machines that have either three or five reels.

These reels spin when a player pulls the lever (or in modern machines, pushes the button). Poker machines pay out according to the symbols shown on the screen once the reels stop spinning; the symbols, possible patterns and prize money varies depending on the game at hand.

These games have been popular in bricks and mortar casinos since the 1800s, and today physical machines can be found in a wide variety of different venues. In Australia for example – where more than 20% of the world’s poker machines are located – they can be found in casinos as well as many sporting clubs across the country. In more recent times, the traditional ‘pull lever’ machines have been replaced by video poker machines. These are essentially electronic versions with a screen – and it’s this advancement that has paved the way for today’s suite of web-based games.

Popularised over recent years, online slots have made it possible for players to enjoy their favourite games from the comfort of their own homes. While some countries (i.e. Australia and Canada) are legally restricted when it comes to online pokies, it’s important to note that it’s not illegal for Australians and Canadians to play these games. Generally, citizens from these countries will need to play via offshore companies, as it’s illegal for most websites based within these countries to offer services to their own citizens. This may sound confusing, but it’s not – the best legal web-based slot games from around the world are listed right here on our website!

So how do online slot machines vary? Well other than the number of reels involved, slot machines also have varying numbers of symbols per reel, and most have a particular theme as well. It’s important to remember that they are a game of chance; skill plays no part. For this reason, they are popular with entry-level gamers and those who want to relax and not have to think too hard.

Bonus slots

If you’re a fan of online poker machines, then you’ll be well aware that some websites have better slot machine bonuses than others. These days, numerous sites offer lucrative slot machine bonuses and special promotions that mean you play for longer – whilst spending less of your own money.

Deposit bonuses

 There are many online casinos out there that offer great deposit bonuses. For example, when you sign up and make your initial deposit, they’ll add extra money to your account.  The best companies offer a 100% match, and therefore they essentially double whatever deposit you make. For example, if you deposit $500 into your account to begin with, they’ll deposit a further $500 on your behalf. This means that you’ll have $1,000 to play with. The maximum amount they will match varies from website to website, however there are online casinos out there that will match up to $1,600 (such as our top-ranked website) – that’s $3,200 in your account!

Since virtually all of these casinos offer online slots, slot machine bonuses are relatively common. Your money goes further, meaning you get more spins for less!

In-game bonuses

When you play online pokies, you’ll often be given the chance to play for bonuses. When this happens, there is usually only one ‘payout line’ – and this is often the middle row. Compared to three and five wheel games, the chance of winning is lower and the risk is therefore greater. However when you play bonus slots, different symbols are often used; when bonus symbols appear and form part of a winning line it means you’ve hit the jackpot!

Yes bonus slots are harder to win, but if you manage to score a winning line the payout will be much bigger than a regular game! For this reason, these games are very popular with those who love the thrill of higher risk games where there’s a possibility to win

Free spins

 Many online poker machines also offer players free spins from time to time – particularly for long-time players. This is an added bonus for those who play regularly, as free spins extend the life of your game without eating into your deposit.

We’ve found the best deals for keen players!

When it comes to playing online slots in Australia, Canada or anywhere else in the world, the same principles apply – you need to stick with legitimate, trustworthy sites. Here at Best Casino Source, we’ve found these sites for you and created a list with links; it’s never been easier to find the best websites.

We compile our lists based on a number of factors: we look at whether the site is legal, licensed and regulated; whether there’s a good suite of games on offer; and how lucrative the special deals, bonuses and promotions are.

If you’re looking for the leading online slot games, browse our recommendations today!

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