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Online Casino: Gambling Myths Debunked

By on December 10th, 2018

The internet came down as a blessing for us in many ways. It opened up new possibilities for us, especially when it comes to gambling.

Today, we do not have to travel all the way to a brick and mortar casino to try our luck at gambling, we can in fact play many casino games using our phones thanks to online gambling.

Since the advent of the internet and the invention of online casinos, the gambling industry has emerged to new heights. With a plethora of online gambling sites available to us today, players have a chance to play their favorite games or bid on their favorite sport using their phones. This is not just fun but also a nice way to earn some nice cash.

However, since online gambling is excelling at a rapid rate, it is often associated with negativity and concerns in the gambling world. These are gambling myths and  rumors just to distract players by feeding them with false information.

One must recognize and avoid falling into these traps or gambling myths as we say it. What’s important is to distinguish between a myth and a fact. Worry not. This guide will walk you through it and explain everything so that you know what’s true and what’s not.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common online casino myths:

Gambling Myths #1: Online Casino Games Are Programmed In The House’s Favor

One of the most common complaints or gambling myths that you will come across regarding online casinos is that they are not fair. Gamblers often think that since online casino games operate on a software and there’s no real person on the other end, the games are rigged and they always go in the house’s favor. However, that’s not true.

In fact, it’s the other way around. There are many examples before us that justify that online casinos are fair.

George M. is one of the luckiest online gamblers who managed to bag $8.6 million in cash in an online casino.

Then there’s Jonathan Heywood from Cheshire who won $17.2 million while playing slots.

There are several other examples too that justify the fact that online casinos are not rigged. It’s either your luck or your strategy that helps you win.

Moreover, since there are so many online casinos on the internet today such as Jackpot City Casino, Gaming Club, Lucky Nugget etc, it wouldn’t be wise for them to rig the games because if they do, they’d lose customership. Considering the competition, it doesn’t make sense if any casino would rig their games.

What’s important is to choose a reliable casino. You should opt for one that’s registered and licensed so that you don’t get robbed.

There are legislative authorities that look upon casinos at all times. Their job is to make sure that all casinos remain fair with customers. If caught, the licence of the casino may get cancelled. Therefore, online casinos steer clear from rigging the games.

Gambling Myths #2: Online Casinos Promote Underage Gambling

Gambling isn’t legal unless you are above 18 years of age. While it requires a physical ID for a person to walk into a brick and mortar casino, many people believe that there’s no such thing as underage gambling restriction in online casinos. Again, this is just another gambling myth our of many gambling myths.

Online casinos require that you register on the website and deposit some money. For depositing, one needs to use their credit card. It not only serves as a way of transferring money but also acts as an ID. A minor would easily get caught even if he/she uses someone else’s credit card because online casinos keep an eye on identities.

Still, it’s possible that a child might steal the parent’s credit card, create a fake account and register on a website but that’s very rare.

Online casinos do not promote underage gambling and make sure that minors stay away for their own good.

Gambling Myths #3: Online Casinos Lure Gamblers With Tactics And Do Not Pay Them

Bonuses, promotions, free spins, credits are not scam tactics and they are actually awarded to players. However, there indeed are some scammers out there. You need to be aware.

For example, Jackpot Casino offers a 100% match bonus and players can earn up to $1600 for free. It is a registered casino and makes good on its promises but not all casinos may be the same.

Gambling Myths # 4 – The Game Freezes When Someone Wins Back To Back Games

Again, a myth. Many players are fed with rumors that if a gambler has an upper edge over the house, the online game might freeze up. If we think about it, there’s no logic to it. The truth is that the casino wants players to play as much as they can because it benefits them.

The more you bet on a game, the more are your chances of losing and this is what most of the online casinos want. They want players to keep playing. Therefore, there’s no truth to the fact that online casinos cause the game to freeze at any point.

Tip: When you are on a roll, it can be difficult to stop. Three back-to-back wins and you want to play more. However, it is important that you stay responsible as luck may not always be on your side. You should never lose more than what you can afford to lose otherwise you may end up in a financial mess.

Gambling Myths # 5 – You Won’t Win Unless You Spend A Lot

If you think that you have zero chances of winning an online casino game if you have a very small amount of money left in your bankroll then you are wrong. There are cases where people have earned thousands of dollars by playing a $1 spin.

This largely boils down to which game you play and at which casino. Different games and casinos have different requirements. We suggest that you do some research to be sure.

Apart from that, online casinos love to keep old players hooked. They often offer bonuses, promotions and free spins to increase loyalty and keep them coming back.

Hence, try to find a casino that entertains its loyal customers so that you can enjoy the perks, too.

Gambling Myths # 6 – Online Casinos Are Boring

A lot of people think that online casinos are repetitive and boring only because you are gambling on a device and there’s no real person on the other end. But that’s not true. Online casino games have come a long way and today’s games are more fun than ever.

They offer top-notch graphics, animations, and some are even quite interactive as well. You may even get addicted to the games. Moreover, some games are even based on movies and popular characters.

You do not need a desktop or laptop gamble. You can do now on a mobile device. This is a great opportunity as you can play your favorite casino game whenever you want to.

Do not let gambling myths prevent you from reaching your full potential.

Gambling Myths # 7 – It’s Difficult To Play Casino Games at An Online Casino

If you think that playing in an online casino is full of difficulties then you need to know that it’s not true. All you need to do is have a phone, an active internet connection, and an account on the casino. Plus, registration is free but you may need to make a deposit to get started.

Moreover, there’s not much documentation involved either. You might have to use your credit card for verification and you are good to go.

Hence, online casinos are quite easy to play at.

Gambling Myths #8 : You Don’t Get Paid

You will get paid if you play at a reliable casino. Getting paid is also quite easy as most casinos like Spin Palace and Ruby Fortune offer multiple withdrawal methods including PayPal and bank deposits. However, in some cases, you may need to hit a benchmark before you’re able to make a withdrawal.

Note: Your profit may be taxed.

The Conclusion

Now that you know about some of the most commonly held myths regarding online casinos we are sure you will have more fun playing your favorite casino game at your favorite online casino. Good luck!


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