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What are Online Casino Bonus Codes and How Can You Find Them?

By on November 2nd, 2016

Casinos have been a playground for intellectual masterminds and posh, “uppity class” folks all around the world. However, over the years, the internet gave birth to online casinos, which have become wildly popular today. Now just about everyone has an opportunity to play casino games from the comfort of their home.

People who are new to online casinos might be puzzled about what online casino bonus codes are exactly. In this article, we briefly discuss online casinos and a little bit about what online casino bonus codes are and how you can avail them.

What are Online Casinos?

Like traditional casinos, online casinos let you play with real money. But there is another advantage of playing casino games on the internet: most online gambling sites offer free play, where you can play with fake money to initially learn gambling or online casino games.

Generally, all traditional casino games are available to play online, which include:

  •      Blackjack
  •      Slot Machines
  •      Roulette
  •      Baccarat
  •      Craps
  •      Poker

Online casinos are available online as flash versions and as standalone software that can be downloaded to your computer or smartphone.

A Quick Word on Payments and Chips

Just like a traditional casino, you have to buy chips in order to play online casino games for profit. Most online casinos allow you to use your credit card for deposits and registration. However, if you don’t have one or if your bank doesn’t allow casino transactions, you can use Western Union to deposit cash to your casino account. Be careful though; always look for reputable casinos that have taken appropriate security measures on their website.

What are Online Casino Bonus Codes and How Do You Avail Them?

There’s a plethora of bonus codes offered by casinos to spark people’s interest in gambling. It’s a very good tactic to get newcomers to become a casino player without worrying about money in order to start playing. Observe how these bonuses are given via a redeem code that you have to enter before claiming your reward.

Here are some online casino bonus codes that are available on casino sites:

Welcome Bonus

In most online casinos, when you first register on their platform, you are greeted with a welcome bonus, most likely equal to your first deposit or perhaps higher, in some cases. A welcome bonus is also known as a sign up bonus and available as a one-time bonus only.

How to Get Them:

In order to get your welcome bonus, you need to sign up for an online casino that offers welcome bonuses. Most casinos reward you with 100% of your deposit amount and some offer more than that. Look into popular casino sites such as casinobonus2.co or askgamblers.com where you can see what kind of bonuses they are offering.

Match Deposit

To keep players coming back for more, most casinos offer match deposit bonuses. These are actually rewards given to you after every deposit. Most of these bonuses are above 50% of the current deposit you make. In some cases, this percentage can be higher.

How to Get Them:

Look for online casinos that offer frequent match deposit bonuses when you make a deposit. Since they want you to keep playing their casino games, they wouldn’t hesitate to give you match deposit bonuses at the first possible opportunity.

No Deposit Casino

One of the most generous perks online casinos offer is reward their players with free bonuses. These bonuses are also known as “no deposit casino bonuses” because you there’s no initial deposit required and you are rewarded with free credits or chips.

How to Get Them:

To avail no deposit bonuses from online casinos, you can simply type in “online casino no deposit bonus codes” in the search engine bar and you’ll see a multitude of online casinos that offer such rewards. It’s obvious though that you need to sign-up first in order to avail these bonuses.

Free Play

These bonuses are available for a limited time only; i.e. 30 or 60 minutes at a time. They are often given to new customers in order to give them a headstart and get them to start playing casino games, just so that they can get a gist of how things work.

How to Get Them:

Most online casinos offer free play in order to let you learn the ropes. You can find many online casino bonus codes on websites such as AskGamblers.com.

Free Spins

These kinds of bonuses actually reward you with free spins that can only be used in slot-based casino games. In simple terms, certain games can be played by redeeming your spin bonus or bonuses.

How to Get Them:

To get free spins, you have to make a qualifying deposit (the amount varies between casinos) after logging into a casino account and starting a game. Remember, free spins usually come after placing a fixed bet.

Cash-back Bonuses

Gambling is all about losing and winning. In order to keep you motivated to play casino games, most casinos offer cash-back bonuses, where they redeem a certain amount of your losses to your account on a weekly or monthly basis. For example, if you lost $1000 the previous week, the casino can surprise you by returning $100-$250 dollars in your account – that’s about 10-25% cash-back on your thousand-dollar loss.

How to Get Them:

Find online casinos that offer such promotions and bonuses. Usually, online casinos advertise these bonuses on their website so you can sign right up and start availing them.

Be Careful…

Before indulging headfirst into an online casino that offers all these enticing bonuses, it pays to look for ones that offer high-profit bonuses, even if they are just two or three bonuses to begin with. It’s also recommended that you understand how your chosen online casino manages promotions. Most casinos, for example, offer online casino bonus codes that you can redeem through the cashier section only.

Make sure you read the terms and conditions of your online casino site so you know what wagering requirements you have to fulfill in order to gain bonuses. Don’t choose casinos that offer a gazillion bonuses up front – instead, choose those that offer potential rewards and more benefits in the long run.

Doing your homework before delving into the world of online gambling can save you from many hassles down the road.

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