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All That You Need to Know About Online Casino Bonuses

By on July 23rd, 2017

Anticipating Online Casino Bonuses,One of the most important elements in an online casino for players is bonuses. Many users actually play at online casinos only for the online casino bonuses since they can change a person’s fortune overnight.

There are also several myths surrounding online casinos including the belief that everyone’s going to win these casino bonuses. That’s far from the truth. While you will find many stories on the internet about people winning crazy online casino bonuses, but only a lucky few are able to nail it.

It’s largely a game of luck, but you can anticipate these bonuses and plan properly in order to win. There are certain factors that you need to know in order to anticipate the reality of online bonuses and gaining maximum benefit from it. Let’s have a look:

Know The Betting Requirements To Earn Bonus

The glare of casino bonuses blinds players and makes them forget that wagering requirements are necessary to know in order to get their hands on the bonus. Players should remember the wagering requirement scenario as a rule of thumb before they start dreaming about bonuses.

New players are more likely to neglect this which troubles them ahead. Getting to know about the betting requirements will help you comprehend what you shall be receiving from the deal and under what circumstances.

Casino bonuses do sound catchy and rewarding and you feel the urge to earn that bonus as quickly as you can, but hold your horses. Let us consider a scenario, let’s say there’s a $200 bonus which comes with 50x wagering requirements. Don’t jump in bluntly because 50x wagering requires you to bet $10,000 in order to be eligible to acquire the bonus or anything you win with the bonus. Some casino bonuses work on the principle of (d+b) i.e deposit added bonus. This means that you are required to lay out deposit as well as bonus to withdraw the money.

So, it is essential to go through the betting requirements before you even set your eyes on the bonus.

Claim The Bonus Before Time Runs Out

You need to be well aware of how to acquire a bonus as they come with an expiry date. Yes, most bonuses don’t last forever, they expire after a certain time period.

You may have taken the wagering requirements thing seriously and you feel affirmative that you’d get the bonus. But, you failed to check the terms and conditions which stated that you can withdraw your winning under a certain time period, this may lead to disappointment and you may not get the bonus. So, you better not miss this and always keep an eye on the expiry date to claim the bonus before time runs out. Bonuses are usually valid for three months, but this largely depends on the casino you’re playing at.

If You Think Bonus Is A Dime A Dozen - Think Again (Percentage & RTP)

Receiving bonuses doesn’t come easy, they come in the form of percentages and RTP value. We already discussed the importance of wagering requirements and claiming the bonus under the time allotted, there’s another factor to keep an eye onto. The percentage and RTP factor.  The payout percentage may vary from 70-100 percent depending on the type of games and the amount which you bet. Let’s say, an online casino deals in a 95% payout rate in online slot games. This implies that you’ll be paid $95 for every time you bet $100 and $5 are going to the casino.

As for the RTP part. RTP (Return to Player) is known as a theoretical payout percentage that is given to a player over time for all the money he wagered. It helps in understanding the bonus payout more thoroughly.


For online casino bonuses, players are required to be sure of what they can get from a bonus deal and if it’s worth it. Players also need to do homework such as doing the math for the percentage and RTP value. This would determine whether a bonus is worth it or not and how much they need to wager to acquire the bonus. Keeping these factors in mind keeps you away from trouble and makes you a smart casino player.

Lastly, you should try to play at a casino that pays well and cares for its players. Try Ruby Fortune, it does it better than most casinos out there.

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