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At Best Casino Source, we know a thing or two about slots.

Providing players with the best selection of gaming options, we know which websites offer the best online slots with the most lucrative bonus offers and jackpots. As a responsible gaming service, we choose our sites carefully; only licensed, reputable providers make the cut.

If you’re interested in playing online slots, be sure to read on and find out more!

About slot machines

Slots – which are commonly referred to as poker machines or ‘the pokies’ – are gaming machines made up of three or five reels that spin when the player pushes the button or spins the lever (depending on the machine). This type of game pays out in accordance with the pattern of symbols shown on the screen once the reels cease to spin. The type of symbols, pattern and purse on offer vary considerably from game to game.

Slot machines vary in terms of the number of reels, how many symbols are on each reel and also what type of ‘theme’ is used. An entertaining gambling option, they’re essentially a game of chance and probability – rather than one of skill or logic. Therefore, they are often a popular choice with those who are new to the gaming scene – as well as those that simply want to kick back and relax whilst playing!


Slots have been a popular fixture in many casinos since the 1800s; in fact, ever since people turned to casinos in search of entertainment, they have been a popular option.

Traditionally referred to as ‘one armed bandits’, original machines were operated via a lever on one side. The player pulled the lever, which in turn spun the reels and revealed the results. The old-style machines had fewer symbols per reel, as there were physical limitations.

The very first slot machine (or more correctly, the first version) was created by an American. Based on poker, it contained five drums that held a total of 50 card faces. The aim was to find a poker hand; the better the poker hand, the better the prize. However, the early machines didn’t pay out money – instead, different hands corresponded with prizes such as free beers or cigarettes.

Slot machines have garnered various different nicknames over the course of their life, including fruit machine (Britain), puggy (Scotland), the slots (US and Canada), and poker machine or pokies (Australia and New Zealand).

In recent decades, the traditional lever-operated machines have been replaced by what are commonly referred to as ‘video slot machines’. Basically a computerized version, they feature graphic representations of the traditional reel. These ‘reels’ are shown in a screen, and like traditional machines there are typically three or five of them. However, unlike traditional machines which were limited by their physicality, video slots are able to feature far more symbols per reel. In many cases, reels can have as many as 50 symbols – expanding the number of possibilities considerably.

These days, these machines are available to play in an online setting.

Play slots online!

If you’re a fan of the pokies, you’ll be pleased to know that this type of game is now available to play online using real money.

Online slots evolved from ‘video slot machines’ and essentially allow players to partake in these entertaining games from the comfort of their own homes. This gambling option has become very popular in recent years. Due to their popularity, there are many websites that offer slot games. With so many options to choose from, finding the best online slots can be hit and miss.

Here at Best Casino Source, we’ve done all the hard work for you.

We’ve trawled the internet in search of the most trustworthy (not to mention lucrative) online slots. We’ve compiled a list of the best gaming options complete with links; some can be played directly via our website, while others require you to follow the link through to another site.

We’ve taken the time to find the leading websites – so you can spend less time searching and more time being entertained!

How do you choose a game?

First and foremost, the best slots are the ones that are offered by reputable websites – as a player, you don’t want to fall victim to a scam! It’s important to remember that web-based slots can easily be manipulated by the operator, so you need to ensure the site you’re gambling with is reputable.

Best Casino Source prides itself on being a responsible gaming service; our list of 30-odd sites are screened and deemed trustworthy. Our listed sites are licensed and most are independently regulated and audited – for example, many are accredited via organizations such as the Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA).

Another factor to consider when choosing which games to play is the bonuses on offer (you can read more about what constitutes ‘bonus slots’ below). On legitimate sites, the better slot machines are those that offer lucrative bonuses, as these often pay out more prize money to winners. We’ve done our research and we know which sites offer the best deals to players – so make sure you check out our list before you play!

How do these games work?

Online slots can be played in a variety of ways. Although the rules and regulations are basically the same, the odds of winning differ in each case from a player’s perspective. There are four common types: three reel, five reel, bonus and progressive slots. Out of these options, bonus slots are generally the most lucrative should you be lucky enough to win.

What are bonus slots?

When you play for a bonus, there is only one ‘payout line’, which is the middle row. In comparison to three and five reel versions, the chance of winning is lower – and therefore the risk is greater. However, when you play bonus slots different symbols are used. There are bonus symbols that can appear, and if they form part of a winning line then you can hit the jackpot and win a lot more money!

Do you love online gaming?

If you want access to the best selection of games on offer, be sure to sign up with Best Casino Source today. Don’t forget to check out our comprehensive list of websites to find the best slot games on offer!


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