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How To Play Slot Machines

Online slots can be a lot of fun, and when played responsibly they are a great source of entertainment. If you’re new to the world of online slot machines, it’s a good idea to gain a general understanding of these games before pulling the lever! Best Casino Source is the perfect gateway to the best sites to play online slots in Australia.

What are Slot Machines?

Before you learn how to play online slots, it pays to understand what they actually are! For the uninitiated, slot machines are gaming machines that were originally derived from the game of poker; in many countries, they’re commonly referred to as poker machines for obvious reasons. Australians have, in typical Aussie fashion, created a slang term for poker machines – ‘the pokies’.

Poker machines are usually comprised of three or five reels, and in the case of traditional machines, the reels are spun via a lever. These days, electronic slot machines are operated via a button and online slot machines – such as those offered by online casinos – are operated via the click of your mouse. Slot machines pay out according to the symbols shown on the reels once they stop spinning. These symbols – and their associated values – vary depending on the game.

Online Slots in Australia

Online slots make it possible for players from around the world to enjoy their favourite games from the comfort of their own home. Countries such as Australia are somewhat limited in a legal sense, as online casinos run from Down Under cannot offer online pokies to fellow citizens. However, it’s possible to play online pokies in Australia; while Australians cannot legally play Aussie pokies online, they can play online slots in Australia via offshore companies. This is completely legal for both parties.

If you are looking to play poker machines online from Australia, the good news is that many of the best online casino operators are overseas anyway – so you’re really not missing out on much!

How do You Play Online Poker Machines?

Perhaps the best thing about online slots in Australia is the fact that they’re very easy to play. In fact, even a complete novice can learn how to play in a very short space of time; there are few skills involved, as poker machines are a game of chance.

To begin playing, the first step is to create an account with the online casino of your choice. We encourage you to browse our list of recommended websites, as we’ve done the hard yards for you; the web based casinos listed on our site are licensed, regulated and offer the best deals to players. In some cases, an account may not be needed and you may be able to simply click and play – which is great for those who are trying out online slots in Australia for the first time.

Although the steps may vary from site to site, the following apply to most online slots:

  • Activate the online slot machine; the ‘insert money’ button should be active.
  • Select the credits in the denominations provided; this allows you to place your bet. Your bet can be adjusted by altering the denominations from the left side of the screen.
  • Click the ‘insert money’ button – the slot for placing your bet is usually shown.
  • If you wish to maximise your bet, you can usually click the ‘bet max’ button.
  • If you wish to bet individual credits, click the ‘bet one’ button.
  • At this point, you’re ready to play – click the ‘spin’ button and watch the reels spin.
  • Once the reels stop spinning, check the combination(s) shown on your screen. If you have one of the required symbol combinations, you’ll win a prize (whether it’s a small or large payout depends on the game you’re playing and the combination shown). The game checks this automatically, and the ‘payout table’will show you any cash that you’ve won.

While playing, remember that:

  • Your balance can be checked in the ‘credit box’ section as you play.
  • You can try a new machine (for the same game) by clicking the ‘switch machine’button.

Different Games

There are many different types of online slot games, with the simplest being classic three reel slots. These games only have one pay line and therefore they’re easier to understand for those just starting out. Five reel slots on the other hand have many different pay lines; a little more complicated, these games also tend to include more bonus rounds and free spin options. Although there are multiple pay lines, the player does not have to activate (i.e. pay for) each pay line every time they spin. However, if a winning pay line isn’t active, you’re ineligible to win the corresponding prize.

Once you’ve learnt the ropes playing three reel games, five reels games are the perfect way to keep things interesting!

In addition to standard three and five reel slots, there are also:

  • Progressive slots – multiple machines are linked and share a joint prize pool. This prize pool is often quite big – sometimes millions of dollars!
  • Multiplier slots – in this type of game the machine registers the number of ‘coins’ you play, and the payout is multiplied by the amount you have played. There is no real advantage to playing the maximum number of coins.

How do the Games Work?

When playing online slots in Australia, it’s important to understand that some games give you a better chance of winning than others. The trade off is that easier-to-win games generally offer smaller prizes – while the more lucrative jackpots are associated with higher risk games. It all comes down to game variance.

Online slot games generally fall under one of three categories of game variance: high variance, medium variance and low variance. Low variance games are the perfect ‘entry level’ option. Usually only a small deposit is required to play, and it’s quite easy to win some money each round – although the winnings are usually quite small. While it’s hard to win any serious money on low variance games, the fact that they’re easier to win some money means that your deposit goes further and you can play for longer – without risking too much of your hard earned cash.

High variance games on the other hand have larger jackpots and therefore provide players with the chance to ‘win big’. However, high variance games are harder to win as there are far fewer small to medium sized payouts. They often require bigger outlays too, meaning they generally only appeal to thrill seekers who enjoy higher risk gambling.

Of course, when it comes to game variance there is a middle ground. Medium variance games are popular as they provide a little more excitement than low variance games – but don’t carry the same level of risk as high variance games. With a range of both small and large payouts on offer, many view these games as a happy medium.

It’s Time to Play the Pokies!

If you’re ready to try your hand at online slots in Australia, Best Casino Source has some great recommendations. Browse our list today and start playing – you’re sure to find a game that suits your level of experience and budget!

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