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Celebrities Who Play Poker Tournaments

By on September 9th, 2017


Celebrities and poker go hand in hand. Poker tournaments are held all around the world, and are often attended by known names. After all, who can resist the charm of poker?.

Let’s have a look at some of the celebrities who play poker tournaments:


  • Tobey Maguire


Appeared In Tournaments: World Series of Poker And World Poker Tour.

The spiderman and The Great Gatsby star Tobey Maguire is a die hard poker fan as well and is rumored to play at online casinos like Spin Palace as well. He has been seen attending and taking part in numerous poker tournaments and has won approximately $223,645 in his poker career.

He participated in the Event 55 – World Championship No-Limit Hold’em Poker in 2007 and won $39,445. Other than that Tobey also holds the winning title of Phil Hellmuth Invitational No-Limit Hold’em 2004 National Champion of Poker where he bagged $95,480 by securing the top spot.

The Los Angeles born actor has played around 14 tournaments so far and is still seemed to be enjoying it.

2) Matt Damon And Ben Affleck

Appeared In Tournaments: World Series Of Poker, Playing Poker or Africa.

We all know these two for their amazing contribution in the movie business, mainly for the hit “Good Will Hunting” that came out in the 90’s.

These two celebrities are best buddies in real life too and are often seen together at parties, promotions and events. When it comes to playing poker tournaments, these two are total addicts. They have appeared in numerous poker tournaments such as ‘Playing Poker For Africa’ in 2007, and even in the World Series Of Poker in 2012.

Reports suggest the Batman reigns supreme over the Maritian when it comes to playing poker, that is Ben Affleck is a better player than Matt Damon.

Ben won $356,400 in the California State Poker Championship in 2004 while Matt only managed to make slightly over $500. However, Matt has also inspired a lot of people into playing poker by doing the lead role in his famous movie called Rounders.

3) Shannon Elizabeth

Appeared In Tournaments: World Series Of Poker, Ante Up for Africa Charity Poker Tournament and The NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship.

The American Pie actress and former model Shannon Elizabeth is said to be the leading lady in the Hollywood Industry when it comes to being the poker master and has made $219,420 in her poker career.

She is frequently seen in the Las Vegas Poker Tournaments and also came 2nd and 3rd in championships like Ante Up for Africa Charity Poker Tournament in 2010 (winning $70,776) and The NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship (winning $125,000) respectively.

She aso participated in WSOP in 2005 under the wing of Daniel Negreanu but failed to do much in the tournament.

4) Jennifer Tilly

Appeared In Tournaments: World Series Of Poker And World Poker Tour.

The actress known for her famous roles in movies like Liar Liar, Seed Of Chucky, Bride Of Chucky, Bound and Bullets Over Broadway is a top poker player in the film industry as she has won a total earning of $887,057 in her poker career. She is also the only celebrity to win a WSOP bracelet ever.

With 16 cashes in WSOP, she won $320,889 including a bracelet win and also made it to the final tables. Other than that, she has also appeared in the World Poker tour and managed to earn $189,500.

5) Kevin Hart

Appeared In Tournaments: 2010 Larry Flynt’s Challenge Cup and Several No-Limit Hold’em Poker Games.

The rib tickling famous comedian and actor Kevin Hart needs no introduction. He is famous for his stand up shows and movies like Get Hard, Central Intelligence, The Wedding Ringer and many more.

Kevin is famous for his casino entrances, too. He arrived in a helicopter to participate in the PokerStars Championship which was hosted by Monte Carlo Casino. Kevin played a $100,000 super high roller and even went live on Facebook to create hype for the event.

Kevin loves playing poker but hasn’t been able to pull off much. His total poker earnings are $47,828. Although he did win the 2010 Larry Flynt’s Challenge cup and won over $20,000.

6) Aaron Paul

Appeared in Tournament: PokerStars Championship Bahamas.

The famous Breaking Bad star also tried his luck in the world of poker and entered the PokerStars Championship Bahamas. Surprisingly, he stayed in the game only for a short period.

While in the game he got a critical double-up but got eliminated before the bubble and failed to cash anything and won nothing.

7) Kevin Pollak

Appeared In Tournaments: World Series Of Poker.

Kevin Pollak is known for his famous roles that he played in movies like The Usual suspects, A Few Good Men and The Whole Nine Yards.

He is an avid poker player and has been in a number of casinos playing poker. Kevin participated in a World Series Of Poker and went on to main event the show to win $52,718.

8) James Woods

Appeared In Tournaments: World Poker Tour, World Series Of Poker.

The star has made his appearance in some of the greatest movies such as The Ghosts Of Mississippi, Casino and Once Upon A Time In America.

He holds a total of $226,017 in poker tournaments which shows his love for poker and also his dedication.

He went on to win L.A Poker Classic in 2016 and bagged $21,065. There are other tournaments too in which he participated and won huge amount of money.

His game in No-Limit Hold’em Championship is commendable where he earned the most amount of money in his poker career, which is $39,859.

This is a list of celebrities who play poker tournaments. Poker tournaments are a huge success all around the world which is why celebs play poker.

Many celebs are believed to play at online casinos as well. If you wish to follow suit, check out our list of top online casinos.


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