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About Untamed Giant Panda

Untamed Giant Panda Slot Review

Untamed Giant Panda is yet another high quality video slot from Microgaming, offering you another reason to fall in love with and continuously play slot machines. Featuring a refreshing theme, high quality visual graphics, extremely cool sound effects and a unique gameplay that promises more loot than others, this game is here to stay.


Introduction to Untamed Giant Panda Video Slot

Untamed Giant Panda is a rather new slot game that promises players a range of amazing features such as 243 ways to pay and extra bonus features like free spins. Part of the Untamed series from renowned online casino game developer Microgaming, it promises a thrilling, adrenaline-pumping experience. If nothing else, you will fall in love with the adorable, cuddly pandas that will make a few ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ slip your lips.


Theme, Sound and Graphics of Untamed Giant Panda Machine

The game’s theme will transport you to a subdued Chinese forest, which is the home of Giant Pandas. Emphasizing this environment are matching reel symbols, including bamboo trees and the pandas themselves. Rest assured that you will become part of this world completely, especially since the game does not have flashing lights, bright colors, or fake neon that can distract you while you play.

Complementing the theme and graphics are the sound effects that pop up whenever you win or trigger a feature. However, the overall music is quite peaceful and inspired by the Oriental origins of Great Pandas.


Gameplay of Untamed Giant Panda Video

Though it boasts many advanced features, Untamed Giant Panda video slot machine  is still quite simple to play and easy to understand for new players. Therefore, you do not have to worry about not winning often.

The game  has 5 reels with 243 ways to pay. This spares players from worrying about paylines and payline structure. You can start your bet with as little as $0.3 and go as high as $25 per spin. You can get 15 betting levels in total. The jackpot is up to 90,000 coins, so you can try your luck and expect to win big.

The wild symbol is a text symbol with ‘Untamed Giant Panda’ written on it while the scatter symbol is the eye of the Giant Panda. These aside, expect numerous special features such as Collect-a-Wild. With this in hand, you may very well be able to win large prizes. Whenever you get a wild symbol in the reel, it will be added to the boxes in the bottom of those reels. If you get four of those symbols from one reel, the Collect-a-Wild feature will change an entire reel into wilds for the next four spins, increasing your chances to win.

Another valuable feature is the Lucky Nudge feature, which pushes a half visible scatter symbol to appear. What makes it so great is that collecting four or more scatters allows you to receive 10 free spins. Equally exciting is the Brilliant Wilds feature, which keeps your wild symbols in place for 3 spins during the free spins.

However, the Untamed Giant Panda Machine’s Your Gamble feature is what makes it truly unique. You can wager on your winnings as soon the winning combination appears. You can also choose how much of your winnings you want to gamble on. If the needle stops on the green part of the radar, you will win.



Untamed Giant Panda Slot is a new and distinctive slot game. If you like pandas and winning on slots, there is a good chance you will be so hooked that you cannot stay away from this game. With a mobile version also available, you definitely will be itching to play and win throughout the day.

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Untamed Giant Panda

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