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Casino Glossary: Famous Casino Terms You Must Know

By on September 24th, 2017


Whether you’re a casino pro or a novice, there are many gambling terms that you should know to get the best experience out of the casino world. A gambler who is well aware of the gambling terminologies has the upper hand, which result in better winning odds.

Here are some of the most important and famous casino terms you must know:

  • Player’s Bankroll:  Bankroll is a term that is used by casino employees to refer to the money a player is willing to bet and put aside at the table which is only to be used for placing bets before starting a game.   


  • Book/Bookie: A book is a place where bets are made on various sport events like races,wrestling etc., while a bookie is a person whose job is to operate the book, meaning, he is responsible for collecting and paying off bets on the basis of the outcome of the betting event.


  • Cage: In the casino world, a cage is a place where large money transactions are made. The environment and security around this hub of a place is commendable. In order to cash out the money, a player has to go to the cage cashier, where the chips are converted into currency and given to the player.


  • Changing Colors: The phenomenon of changing a set of casino chips for another is referred to as changing colors. For instance, if you have five $1 chips with you then you can have a single $5 chip in their place. It is called changing colors because chips are more recognized by their colors rather than the money amount printed on them. No matter which casino you enter, the standard chip colors are the same, that is, $1 chips are white, $5 chips are red, $25 chips are green and $100 chips are black in color.


  • Comps: Comps are short for complementaries. These complementaries include free drinks, luxurious suites with butler and sometimes, even transportation, depending upon your level in the particular casino.


  • House Advantage: When a casino has an upper hand over gamblers and ensures that the casino is going to end up with profit money by manipulating the rules of the games is called house advantage. It is measured in percentage which is normally from 1% to 25% for blackjack games.


  • Betting Limits: In table games, a certain amount of money is required to bet to participate. A player can’t bet below the minimum nor he can bet above the max limit. This is known as betting limit. However, in some rare cases, on a player’s request, betting limit can be raised higher than its max value.


  • Chase: The attempt to gain the lost money back is called chase.


  • Doubling Down: The big move. Doubling down is a term used in blackjack games when a player is looking to go big. When a player doubles down, two of his initial cards are placed upside-down and has to deal with one card to complete the hand. The money he had bet is also doubled. So, in case, if he beats the dealer’s hand, he will earn twice the money he had bet upon. Similarly, if he loses, he will have to lose twice the money he had bet before the game.


  • Deposit: The amount of money you pay via your credit card to sign up or play real casino games.


  • Eye In The Sky: Refers to the cameras installed in various places in a casino to monitor the activities of people in the casino. If a player tends to cheat or do something illegal, then he is caught via these video surveillances.  


  • Hand: The cards you possess in a game of poker.


  • High Roller: A person who bets huge money is called a high roller.


  • Jackpot: The most valuable prize won in a game of slots.


  • Progressive Jackpot: The kind of game where the jackpot keeps on increasing with the number of times you play the game.

These are all the famous casino terms you need to know. These famous casino terms can help you win better, be it at a physical casino or online casinos so make sure to remember these famous casino terms.

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