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Casino Games With Better Winning Odds: Online Baccarat

By on June 3rd, 2018

We are back again with yet another guide for people who want to learn about online casino games that have better winning chances. This is part IV for the series. Here’s a recap of what we’ve covered so far in our previous guides.

  1. Blackjack.
  2. Slots And Poker.

Today, we’ll be discussing the odds of winning Baccarat in an online casino. Baccarat is one of the easiest online casino games that you can play as you have to make just one decision to win.

That one decision being, choosing a box to bet upon. Online casino games that offer baccarat work in the same way as physical casinos do. There will be three boxes before you and you’ve to choose one before each hand to see if you win or lose.

In this game, players bet on one of the 3 boxes that say:

  1. Bet on the player.
  2. Bet on the bank
  3. Bank on a tie.

The game consists of a deck of 6 or 9 cards and the aim is to reach 9 points first. The person who makes the right decisions makes these points quickly and wins.

Now that we know how it works, let’s get to know its winning odds.

The odd of a player’s hand winning is 44.6%. The probability to lose is 45% and the odds of a tie is 9.5%. Looking at these odds, it’s justified that there’s a 50% chance of winning this game. The casino earns money from online baccarat by earning commissions or winning on banker’s bets.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the strategies that can help you win big at online baccarat at a casino like Ruby Fortune:

  • Out Of The Three Bets, Bet On The Player

In online baccarat, you can either bet on the bank, on a tie or on the player. It is recommended to bet on a player. There are some online casino guides which will tell you to bet on the banker’s bet because it has a slightly better payout than player’s bet but what they don’t tell you is that there’s a commission of 5% for the casino when you bet on banker’s bet and win. You get less amount of money in this case.

Here’s how it goes. Suppose you apply the martingale betting system on baccarat as well. You continue to double the bet upon every loss. Let’s say you start with $10 and keep on increasing it to $20, $40 and $80 upon every loss. Then finally you win a $160 banker’s bet. This gives you $160 for the bet and $160 for the win which makes $320 in total. However, you don’t get to keep all $320 because there’s a 5% commission for the casino on a banker’s bet and you’d only be getting $304.

On the other hand, going for bets on players is much more beneficial as you get to keep most of the money.

  • Stay Away From Tie Bets

Unlike slots and blackjack where we recommended to bet big, we won’t in the case of baccarat. Despite the fact that there is a 8:1 payout rate on online baccarat, still it’s a loss too huge to bear because the chances of hitting a tie are next to impossible in online baccarat.

People lose a lot of money in online baccarat because they get greedy. The fact that betting $50 on tie bet will give you $450 in return makes people greedy. They fail to understand that it’s more like a scam because the probability of a tie is next to none. So, it’s better to stick to the bets that will at least pay you something and will make sense.

  • Go For Games With Fewer Bets

There are some online casinos out there that offer games with fewer decks. Normally, online casinos deal in 6, 8  or 9 card deck. Now, the problem with increased number of decks is that they are directly proportional to the house edge. More number of decks means more chances of the casino winning each bet.

An online casino that offers online baccarat with fewer decks is what you should go for as the chances of winning are increased.

  • Go For Short Sessions

Baccarat incorporates a simple goal. Add up the cards to reach 9 points. Your strategy should be to reach 9 points quickly and ending the session. Why? Because there is no betting system in any online casino that will want to keep you ahead of the house advantage. A casino will always want you to lose. Therefore, keeping sessions short is good for earning money and avoiding losses.

If you’re winning back to back. Take the money and enjoy with that you have earned. If you’re losing then there’s no point in chasing.

  • Choose The Online Casino Wisely

The odds of winning online baccarat also depend upon the online casino you choose. Our top pick is Spin Palace as it is quite reliable. There are casinos which have a running algorithm that will always work in the casino’s favor and not yours. How to avoid such casinos? Look into the details and determine if the casino is regulated and abide by the rules of gambling.

A casino that has a gambling license won’t be able to go for unfair means such as changing the algorithm because there are third party entities watching over the activities of a casino.

Other than that, choose the online casino that greets new players with a bonus and free spins. These bonuses are an excellent way to start your winning venture even if your bankroll is low.

Casino response time, customer support and online reviews will give you a good idea about how legit and good the casino is. So make sure you do your homework before choosing one.

The Verdict

Online baccarat is a popular casino game and a lot of casino lovers prefer this game over other due to the simple rules and no math to be done. The trick is to make your strategy game strong to win consistently and avoid losses. Try your luck at Jackpot City Casino as it is quite a good pick.


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