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Casino Games With Better Winning Odds: Slots And Video Poker

By on May 17th, 2018


Hello and welcome to part II of our casino games with better winning odds. If you haven’t checked part I already, which highlighted Blackjack, then check this link to go through it. Today, we are going to talk about slots and video poker.

Slots and video poker are two of most played games in online casinos. Their rules are easy to understand and you don’t need to do a lot of maths like you have to in Blackjack.

Let’s get to know them better:


Slots are a joy to play. Great graphics and good presentation in an online casino is what keeps the players hooked. Our top pick to play slots is Jackpot Casino, which has some amazing slots games.

While the internet is flooded with many strategical tactics to win slots, we have accumulated the best and most effective ones. People often say that it’s hard to win at slots. This is not true. It’s up to you to limit your losses and increase your winning ratio.   

Here are a few strategies that you can implement to increase your winning ratio:


  • Make Sure The Website Is Regulated


Just like you want to win every time you spin, the casino wants to win too. Many online casinos can be rigged and you might not hit the jackpot no matter what you do. Always check that the website is watched over by a third party before starting to play. This will ensure that the casino you pick is regulated and works fair.


  • Choose Slots With A Bonus Round


Slot games that offer bonus rounds can help you win more than the regular ones. These include 3D and movie-based slot games. But, make sure to pick a game you’re familiar with so that you don’t get confused.


  • Bet Big


Slots give you the luxury of multiplying your win. This is a great way to earn more than the coins you invested. Some people like to play safe and small, that won’t get you any far. You need to be a risk taker and bet big to increase the winnings by x3, x2 and x1.

You can play progressive slots too on mobile casinos. They give you the advantage of carrying your previous winning amount to the next round. This is a great way to increase your bankroll rapidly. However, you also need to keep an eye out on your winning as well as losing limit because people often go overboard as a result of frustration or greed. Set a budget that you can spend on the bets and make sure you don’t cross it.

Check our our detailed how to beat slot machines guide for more.

2) Video Poker

Another online casino game that has better odds of winning is video poker. Offered at casinos like Ruby Fortune and Spin Palace, this game is less complex than other games. It has simple rules and everyone can follow them.

In this game, 5 random cards are given to you. You’ve to decide which cards to keep and which ones to discard. The discarded cards are replaced by the poker software and rewards are then given on the basis of the result of your hand.

The goal here is to gather as many cards out of five to be of the same suite. If you happen to get identical cards of the same suite then you make a royal flush. If you manage to get 5 cards of the same suite then you achieve a straight flush. These two are the most high ranked hands in an online video poker game.

This game is better than others because of a few reasons. Low house edge, longer term play for less investment, expected positive results. However, no one becomes a pro at their very first try. There are many factors that determine your winning ratio.

You need to follow certain tips and strategies if you wish to increase your chances of of winning at a video poker. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:


  • Practice Video Poker Online


First, you need to be aware of video poker rules. You should educate yourself about which hand rank higher and which do not. What is a flush and a full house.

Once you have enough knowledge about a game, you’ll know how to orchestrate a strategy and how to play. Practicing without betting money is a good way to learn Not just video poker, but for every casino game, you should be well aware of the rules, terms and strategies before you play with real money.

Now that we know that video poker is one of the easiest games to play at an online casino, you can up your game by spending time to learn and polish your game over the internet.

Spend a good amount of time learning important strategies on the internet without betting any money. The more your practice, the more you’ll be able to predict the cards to swap and the cards to keep.

While some might think that a player should try different video poker games, we suggest you to focus on one. It may be boring but it will polish your skills, enhance your thinking capability and help you gain maximum profit from a game.


  • Look For Video Poker Games That Pay Full


The trick lies in looking for machines that pays full. Look for machines that offer flush and full house. These machines are often called 9/6 machines because these machines pay six times for a flush and nine times for a full house.

In an online video poker game, the winning odds are comparatively higher than in other games. The house edge is as low as 1% or even lower, meaning that video poker can give you 99 cents or more on a single dollar.

Try some games at Giggle Bingo as it has some incredible choices.


  • Bet Max Coins


Since the house edge is low (0.46% in case of Jacks Or Better), you should bet the maximum coins which is 5, so if you happen to have more coins, bet big.

The Verdict

If you keep these strategies in mind, you will be able to win big. Now try your luck at this game and we will soon be back with #3 in this series.

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