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Online Casinos in Canada

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If you’re a Canadian citizen wanting to play online casino games, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here at Best Casino Source, we’re the experts when it comes to finding trustworthy, legitimate best online casino games sites that offer casino-style entertainment to Canadians. We have searched the net and compiled a comprehensive list, allowing you to click and play immediately – rather than having to wade through the abundance of often dodgy sites that are available.

Browse our selection today and start playing, or read on to find out more regarding the legalities that surround online gaming in this country.

What laws surround online casinos?

Traditionally, Canada was an anti gambling country – at least it was until in 1970. At this time, the government in power amended the Criminal Code, thus legalizing certain activities. Beyond the Criminal Code, all legal issues relating to gambling are generally handled by provincial governments and therefore it’s possible for laws to vary quite a lot between states.

The laws surrounding online casinos in Canada are somewhat complex and certainly not very clear. For gamers, confusion is common – and many often wonder if their habits are in fact legal. First and foremost it’s important to point out that the Criminal Code does not position online gaming as illegal, and therefore Canadians are not at any legal risk when gambling online – providing they are of a legal age (18 and over), of course.

However, the laws do prohibit gambling at an establishment not owned or licensed by a provincial government. There are some legally licensed web-based casinos operating within Canada itself – for example the Quebec and British Columbia governments both run online casinos. However, the vast majority of sites offered to Canadians are run off-shore – and these are the sites primarily used by those who wish to partake in online gambling. An interesting point to note here is that many of these ‘offshore’ companies are actually located just outside of Montreal on the Kahnawake Native Reserve. These companies are perfectly legal, however they have run into issues with the government from time to time.

As you can imagine, Canada’s laws present gamers with a ‘grey area’ when it comes to betting via offshore sites, as many certainly do enjoy partaking in games offered by online casinos in other countries. The law states that it’s ‘illegal to be found in an illegal betting house’; however it’s obvious these laws are outdated in terms of web-based gambling. Technically, it’s impossible to be found in an online betting house – especially when that company is overseas and you’re still in Canada!

To date, the practice of betting via offshore companies isn’t technically illegal – and no one has ever been penalized for accessing these sites.

What about online pokies in Canada?

Slot machines – which are commonly referred to as ‘the pokies’ or ‘poker machines – are found in venues spanning all ten states and are relatively popular.

When it comes to online pokies, Canadians are faced with the same scenario mentioned above: they can play via any properly licensed, government-run sites, or they can opt to use the games on offer through offshore websites. While the law surrounding the latter is a grey area, no one has run into any legal trouble to date – and therefore thousands of Canadians play offshore, web-based slots at present!

If you are looking to play online pokies in Canada, there are literally hundreds – if not thousands – of games to choose from, and therefore it’s important to know which sites are legitimate. Best Casino Source offers a list of recommended online slot sites; these sites are licensed and regulated for your complete peace of mind. Best Casino Source provides the best online casino games.

What does the future hold for online gamers?

There is no indication that online gaming will become illegal for Canadian punters. In fact, as the provincial governments realize the benefits on offer it’s likely that more will follow in the footsteps of British Columbia and Quebec.

Although it may become more regulated, the fact of the matter is that online gambling is not going away. Ultimately, this is good news for Canadians who love a game of online poker or blackjack during their downtime.

Access the best casinos online today!

If you’re a Canadian in search of best online casino games, Best Casino Source has you covered. When you visit sites from our recommended list, you can rest assured that you’re playing via legal, licensed and regulated companies.

Yes, the laws surrounding online gaming in Canada are somewhat blurry – but spending your own money at legitimate online casinos is certainly not going to land you in hot water! Browse our list of recommended sites and start playing today, or get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding our service.

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